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With Ad Rank and Quality Score, if you’re not first you’re last. MotorWerks are SEO experts, our AI-driven, data verified campaigns get results. With the right analytics and the right info, you get the right content to reach the right audience. Combined this with an advanced, targeted campaign plus optimised landing page and the sky really is the limit.


Peter Brock had a long association with Mobil 1. To tap into the massive hype surrounding the release of the Brock movie, MotorWerks created an online ad campaign designed to drive traffic to the Mobil 1 retail Australia website – which boosted its search ranking and position as the official retail website.

CAR MECHANICA always-on campaigns

This strategic search engine marketing (SEM) campaign was designed to establish CarMechanica’s organic search results. MotorWerk’s also developed and launched this new online platform as a convenient portal for Aussie motorists to find their nearest independent trusted master workshop.

MEGUIAR’S WEBSITE optimisation

With a strategic approach to search engine optimisation (SEO), combined with a detailed analysis of relevant keywords and search queries, MotorWerks have kept Meguiar’s Australia ranked in the top 3 overall for organic search results on search engines – and No.1 for relevant search queries.

social media

Shift into high gear with proven social media strategies

Having a powerful presence on social media is critical for boosting awareness, engaging with customers, generating leads and driving interest. With our holistic, innovative, multi-disciplinary approach, MotorWerks have the power to push your brand to the head of the pack. As well as the know how to link retailer sales data back to social media campaigns.

Meguiar's® Hybrid Ceramic Wax Campaign

Campaign to accompany the launch of the new Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax. This social media campaign achieved 9.5% CTR and $0.07 CPC resulting in an exponential growth in retail sales.

Mobil 1™ Racing Simulator Promotion

Buy Mobil 1 promotion, anchored around a Pro-Racing Sim Giveaway. With nearly 750,000 ad views and 3500 clicks, we were able to leverage this for Mobil 1 and achieve a 50% increase in retail sales.

EuroMechanica's Project Golf-R

Nine-part Project Golf R build-up series was hugely successful at directing traffic to the newly launched EuroMechanica website, as well significant traffic to the project’s partners’ websites.


Looks to die for

Web, social, merchandise, signage, packaging, we do the lot – all in house! With all the noise out there, MotorWerks will generate the right design, one that’s capable of cutting through to make your brand, products, or services stand out from the crowd – in both the online and offline world.

Web Design

Stylish, easy-to-update designs optimised to ensure maximum engagement along with intuitive functionality, plus ease of navigation that will enhance user experience, conversion rates and eCommerce effectiveness.

Print and Packaging Design

Standout from the competition with MotorWerks designed print collateral and packaging design. With 30 successful years in retailing, we have a deep understand of the industry secrets behind effective design.

Merchandise Design

People wearing your brand is a powerful and dynamic marketing medium. Eye catching, yet stylish designs combined with quality workmanship are the hallmarks of MotorWerks designed, sourced and distributed merchandise.

Content Creation

Supercharge your marketing with captivating content

Nothing drives engagement like effective content. Team MotorWerks have a solid track record of creating dynamic, industry leading content. We have extensive photographic, videography, creative design and copy writing expertise – all in house.

Mark WebBer/Neil Crompton – Mobil 1 Oils

MotorWerks have worked with a number of Australian and internationally renowned celebrities and brand ambassadors such as motorsport legends Neil Crompton and Mark Webber – who is a worldwide brand ambassador for Mobil 1.

Chaz Mostert – the Decision

Successfully leveraging sponsorship is incredibly challenging. Distinctive, seductive and insightful content that draws in the viewer is a winning formula for showcasing your brand and delivering your message. Team MotorWerks are passionate automotive enthusiasts – we know what makes car people tick.


Put your brand in the driver’s seat with video

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a great video is worth 1000 pictures. Compelling videos are the key to any successful marketing campaign, with customer demand growing daily. How-to, What’s Involved, Tutorials, Short Feature, Live Stream – we do it all. The only thing we don’t do is Boring Corporate.


High customer satisfaction is about delivering the full benefit of your product, brand or service via ‘How To’ and/or ‘Features & Benefits’ videos. Team MotorWerks are adept at scripting, filming and editing engaging, informative and easy to follow infotainment videos.


Nothing boosts brand recognition like a celebrity endorsement or partnership with social media influencers – such as Mighty Car Mods. The key to a successful association is a shrewd insight and understanding of the target audience. Team MotorWerks will not only develop an effective pitch, we know the secret to choosing ambassadors and partners that resonate with the target audience.


Whether it be social, streaming or TV, selecting the right platform and the right content is critical for maximising your ROI. MotorWerks videos generate views. With in-house videography, scripting and editing skills, MotorWerks is skilled at managing the full creative process for maximum effectiveness.

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